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Project Description

This project aims to transform Harryville by restoring economic confidence and rediscovering a strong sense of community.

The project will be done in phases and the first phase is to renovate part of the Raglan building to create 10 new business units that will create new jobs, areas for public use and an exhibition exploring the history of the area.

This project offers the chance to invest in something that will have massive benefits not only on the lives of local people but will lead the way in Northern Ireland by showing how a co-operative of local people can take control of our community’s future.

The renovation of a neglected and unused space, into new ‘shared space’ in the heart of Harryville will have huge benefits to the local community, including:

  • 10 new business units/offices for the micro businesses
  • Fostering entrepreneurship, inspiring new generations and providing skills development for people who have found themselves without a job at a later stage in life;
  • Access to a welcoming safe space where community projects and groups can meet and create;
  • An exhibition area to connect Harryville and its communities to its manufacturing history;
  • A renewed community spirit, based on a shared vision for all the people now living in the area;
  • An increased sense of pride and achievement, levels of confidence, a positive sense of belonging, mutual understanding and recognition.

We believe that community regeneration and economic development are two faces of the same coin.  As a microcosm of the new Northern Ireland we believe business can only prosper within an open and inclusive community.