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A Fascinating Journey

On the 31st March this year our Community Share Offer will close and in doing so it will bring to an end an amazing journey in the relatively young life of the Raglan Community Development & Renovation Society.

To date (20th Feb) we have either received or have been pledged £95,050 in Community Shares from individuals, clubs & societies & corporates alike.

We firmly believe that we will surpass the £100K mark before our Offer closes, yes we may fall a little bit short of our target, but all in all this has been a tremendous achievement and our thanks and gratitude are extended to all who have contributed.

So let us make this final appeal to you all to become our ambassadors for one last time and enable us to get as close as possible to our target.

Always remembering there are £125K of ‘matched shares’ from Mid & East Antrim Council waiting to be accessed.


William Millar

Secretary/Treasurer RCDRS