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On the 31st March this year our Community Share Offer will close and in doing so it will bring to an end an amazing journey in the relatively young life of the Raglan Community Development & Renovation Society.

In association with MEA Council, Podiem, the School for Social Enterprise in Ireland and the Ulster University we are running a Social Enterprise MasterClass in the Braid Centre Ballymena on Friday 24th November 2017 at 9.30 am

If you , as associate of a friens would wish to attend this free event which begins with a light breakfast please visit

As part of our 'fund raising' work we have organised 5 'Table Quizs' to be held in the Services Club, Trostan Ave, Ballymena on the following dates:

Friday 27th October

Friday 17th November

Friday 15th December

Friday 19th January

Friday 23rd February

Entrance fees is £5 per person, please gather up a team and come along and join us.

We're delighted to announce today that we have now passed the £50K point for Investments & Pledges received.

Many thanks to all involved and to those who as yet are not on board, your support will also be very much appreciated

The Community Share Launch Team

Our new blog will be launched soon!